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Is your clutter killing you? Is your honey-do list too long? You are not alone.

We understand, you let it build up because it was too much to deal with. But don’t worry, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Thousands of families locally are swamped by their growing piles of clutter. Let us help you sort it out and even make money on the things you don’t want anymore.Find freedom by letting Flourish & their expert team organize the things you need to keep or purge the ones you want to get rid of. We can handle the process with or without you, but always checking in with you before tossing, donating or selling anything. Yes, you will actually make some money back in this process!!

Phase I: Purging, we offer you a full de-Cluttering and Streamlining service of your home or office (and we get rid of your mess! From Attic to basement!)

Phase II: Organizing & Putting order throughout the house; a place for everything, and everything in its place.

Phase III: It is the best part, and feels like Christmas. Flourish Decorates the house or office for you, using 90% of what you already have (and that we found while tidying!), leaving you with a refreshed and stunning new settling, without having gone out to buy a thing. The new, cleaned-up, zen, and stylish environment will leave you feeling lighter, more peaceful and downright chic.

“Francesca gave our living room a fresh new look using all our old pieces!”

– Jean Anne Semke

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