Antique & Household Sales

Outgrown some of your favorite things? House bulging at the seams? A bittersweet inheritance more than you can handle? Francesca @ Flourish can assist with identification and sale of valuable antiques and household items so your home will be downsized just as you envision it.

Hiring an expert to help you assess your property pays off. The 14 inch Dent clock shown below looks like so many other clocks of nominal value but its age, brand and condition give it a whopping $10,000 price tag! Don’t let hidden treasure slip through your fingers in a tag sale before you consult Francesca @ Flourish.

estate saleAHS Dent ClockAHS Dent clock up closeAHS Dent clock 2silver


“Based on my experience as trustee of my fathers estate, I would highly recommend Francesca. You will definitely have peace of mind and the knowledge that the job is being handled correctly and efficiently.”     – William Zwigard

“I strongly recommend Francesca @ Flourish. She spent approximately two weeks in my home and was able to sell several thousand rare and antique books as well as collectible toys, comic books and sports collectibles. The toys ranged from vintage Star Wars to foreign toy soldiers. Francesca de-cluttered my basement and bonus room as well as found buyers for all of these items. I am still amazed at what she was able to accomplish in such a short time.”     – Vicky Leonard