Flourish has worked with small businesses and large corporations to organize their offices and their staff, increasing productivity, focus and interpersonal synergies through the heightened management of corporate organization.

“Businesses large and small falter most when they are at the inception of their business plans, or at the peak of the success” says Francesca @ Flourish. Master organizer, with a penchant for both the micro and the macro approaches, she spends quality time speaking and listening intently to each member of an office team, in order to address the gaps and needs within each enterprise individually, custom-tailoring her approach to each business and each employee personally, from Administrator to Senior Partner, Doctor, Executive or Trust Officer.

ws_nc_Visit_WSFrancesca @ Flourish has worked with entrepreneurs to jump start their businesses, and with larger companies, such as Affiniti Golf Club in Atlanta, Wake Forest School of Medicine and Baptist Medical School.


“Francesca @ Flourish provided the pre-planning (of the Electronic Health Record Conference) with coherence and equanimity…Much of the credit for these very positive evaluations goes to her” –Wilson Somerville, PH.D, Wake Forest School of Medicine

“When it became clear that I would be moving, my trustee directed me to Francesca @ Flourish.  Making that connection was the smartest thing I could have done. I was most impressed with the way she intuitively organized important documents, financial statements and medical records by topic and subtopic so I may easily locate needed items.”  –Dolores Sampedro