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For those of you who missed hearing Flourish’s de-cluttering and home management tips on yesterday’s (Saturday, February 2nd) Real Estate segment on the WSJS 600 radio show, stay tuned for the February 15th Newsletter and blog updates. As the groundhog told us spring is in the air, we are preparing for early spring cleaning this year. But rather than breaking out your Windex, start by planning to eliminate 10 things from every room, and every closet. Strive for clarity of mind over clarity of windows, and purge! purge! purge! to achieve material lightness. Plan a neighborhood swap sale, donate, or sell at consignment. Other options include eBay or Craig’s List. Whatever you do, start having more (quality of life) by owning less (burdens, things to maintain) and see your house transform itself into a cleaner looking place, before a dust rag ever shows its face!

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    Living your best and fullest life requires self-exploration—knowing who you are, what you like, what you love, even what you can't stand—then using this knowledge to begin the process of flourishing into a more thriving, prosperous and happier you. All it takes is tweaking bits and pieces of your life, editing and assessing your appearance, home, hobbies, travel or anything else you'd like to revamp.

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