Organizing & Editing

Refining an Existing HomeBeen in your home for months or years without ever really getting settled in and organized?  Still have unpacked boxes, or ‘junk rooms’ that aren’t fully utilized? Been in your home for 10+ or 20+ years and realizing that you’ve amassed an inordinate amount of stuff that is detracting from the presentation of your home? Time to call Flourish and take charge of the clutter! All of our services start with a one-on-one consultation with Francesca @ Flourish, who after getting to know you, will combine the insights of a close friend with the objectivity of a professional stylist. Your dream home WILL be a reality again!

Planning an Upcoming Move: Flourish offers a stress-free relocation service where we neatly and respectfully organize and edit your existing home before your move, downsizing items to help you keep the existing pieces you love. Flourish can assist with the sale of the items you no longer need for your profit – commission free. Then Flourish coordinates your move, stages your home for the Real Estate transaction, and even transitions you into your new home in days – every box unpacked, with every last thing in its place!

OE Organizing 2 before

Before Flourish

organizing 2 after

After Flourish

playroom after

Flourished Playroom

closet after

Flourished Closet

Organizing after

Another Flourish After


“Oh my Gosh! Francesca @ Flourish made it all so effortless – cleaning, purging, organizing, labeling – attic, garage, laundry room, office, closet – when my trash bins were full, she even toted off the extra bags!! Now I know where everything is!! I have new shelves in my attic…holding all those awkwardly large items that won’t fit in my kitchen drawers…walk up the stairs…find my slow cooker or serving platters .”     – Carol Fagg