Living your best and fullest life requires self-exploration—knowing who you are, what you like, what you love, even what you can’t stand—then using this knowledge to begin the process of flourishing into a more thriving, prosperous and happier you. Flourish can walk you through this entire process, from discovering who you are today to taking the steps that lead you closer to the life you dream of for yourself.

All of our services start with a self-evaluation and a one-on-one consultation with Francesca, who, after getting to know you, will combine the insights of a close friend with the objectivity of a professional stylist. We think you’ll be surprised at how easy and enjoyable it is to flourish. Consider us a well-trained friend with a sincere opinion but a lot of tact and great resources – at your beck & call.

Why Flourish? Asks Francesca:
Because everyone could use a fresh perspective from an honest and objective 3rd party! With a keen eye for color and space from years in the art world and 19 moves under my belt following my Executive father around the world, I can give great advice on how to purge & style a house, or dress with flair. I wish someone would do it for me some days though – because it is always easier to guide others!