A few quotes and stories from our clients:

“Oh my Gosh! Francesca made it all so effortless – cleaning, purging, organizing, labeling – attic, garage, laundry room, office, closet – when my trash bins were full, she even toted off the extra bags!! Now I know where everything is!! I have new shelves in my attic…holding all those awkwardly large items that won’t fit in my kitchen drawers…walk up the stairs…find my slow cooker or serving platters. I have a “grandma corner” with special toys and books to read to future grandkids! All the coolers…baskets…cache pots… organized and together and easy to find! (I won’t even mention the Christmas corner…but whew!…glad that’s done!) Thanks to Francesca for making it all happen. You would think you can organize on your own? Procrastination, excuses, other “to-do items” always get in the way. She was “on my calendar” and coming – so I couldn’t procrastinate. It was a gift to myself…and worth every penny.”

– Carol C. Fagg

“My husband and I took a trip to Spain, Greece, and Santorini last year. The trip was completely arranged by Francesca Agnoli who owns ” Flourish “. We have never been on such an organized, beautiful trip such as this one. There were no worries when it came to when, where, and how long we stayed at any place. Everything was prearranged for us so there was not any stress. It was one of the best trips of our life and we look forward to planning another trip with Francesca.”

Naomi and Brett Waters

– Naomi and Brett Waters

“Francesca helped to bring out the real me. Thanks to her inspirational assistance I was able to find my own sense of style, which is funky and hip yet professional. I also have renewed sense of confidence. There’s nothing I can’t do!
Thanks to Francesca for helping me to flourish!”

– Katherine Taylor

“The fabric and window treatments that You Flourish designed synchronized the overall look of our home and transformed it into a warm and cozy space for our family to enjoy spending time together.”

– Melissa Kelly

I found the perfect pieces to update my guest room and dining room at an Estate sale Flourish organized – thanks to Francesca! The price paid was well within my budget so was able to use Flourish’s decorating service to help reorganize my house. It feels like a new home! Can’t wait for her help with my closet and wardrobe!

– Ena Stackhouse

Personal Style Transformation that led to a new job & career:

Every time I wear make up or people comment on my jewelry I think about how you helped to being out the real me – the happy, stylish, and fun me! I think about how you encourage us to live the life we want to, right now, and though it seems simple, it’s powerful to think of it.

-Katie Taylor