The perfect closet

We all know that annoying feeling of a full closet – yes, I do mean overflowing – that stares at us every morning like a dare. It is packed with clothing that fits 50% of the time, and shoes we love but never wear. So we reach for the 20% of the items we wear over and over again. The Flourish solution of the day is radical and wonderful too. Take it all OUT. Toss it on the bed, pile it on the floor. Just get it out of the closet. Then add in one item at a time, skirt by skirt, trouser by trouser, but only if you have tried it on, and only if you love it. The rule is this: you have to love it, it must fit right now, today, and hang everything by category. Anything else gets tossed or donated. That’s a great closet in the making.

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