Tips for the perfect closet…. and it is DIY… In ONE afternoon…. What is better than that?

Want some simple yet really effective tips on how to transform your closet from an eyesore to fabulous in an afternoon? Read on for a quick yet truly satisfying fix!

Toss out all wire hangers and use wood or velvet ones (Home Goods)…. Wire looks cheap…..Line up all your shoes, matched neatly side by side along the floor, from lightest (flip flops) to heaviest (Hunter rubber boots and Uggs)…..Bunch together by category… Crewneck sweaters are folded and neatly stacked by color (reds-pinks-oranges, green-blues-aquas, black-whites-greys)….Hang the thicker sweaters and fleeces….Sleeveless anything goes side by side, long sleeves in their own grouping…blouses with blouses, skirts with skirts, either fold pants or hang them, but pick one….suits with suits…. Get the gist? … Coats go downstairs in the coat closet and scarves are rolled up like socks and placed in pretty wicker organizer baskets (currently at Harris Teeter) …. Keep gloves and a small umbrella in the foyer and also a set in the car for emergency weather conditions…Get more of those baskets (in cloth or wicker) if you lack in drawer space and use them for socks, undies, PJ’s and small evening bags….. Stuff handbags with acid-free paper (no newspaper, please) and line them neatly and visibly on a shelf…Toss the dust bags though, as you’ll forget what’s inside… Instant decor if you have nice purses, and I know you do!… Hang belts from a necklace or tie hanger….Take suitcases to the basement/attic/guestroom closet…. you don’t need them on hand 24/7…. Old pantyhose gets dumped in favor of new and sheer in black or nude ONLY… and avoid those pesky stacked "space-saver" hangers at all costs because they just get tangled….. Space allowing, add a small bench for seating and a pop of color (pick a vibrant, wild fabric!) and a full length mirror… A complete closet includes scent of some sort, a pretty jar full of safety pins, a small trash can, a great lint brush and a stylish pad & pen for your TO DO List! And voila! You are done.

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